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Jamilya Hajiyeva Art

Heaven under the sky


​Curatorial Statement, Jamilya Hajiyeva Art

Drawing on classical realism and impressionism, creates tranquil rural landscapes that go beyond aesthetics to forge a spiritual connection and inner peace.


Inspired by her concept of ‘Elysium’ — a pure, untouched natural paradise — Jamilya’s artworks invite viewers to embark on a journey away from the urban chaos, immersing themselves in the harmony, purity, and originality of nature. Her paintings, vibrant with the colors of the natural world, are an expression of her belief in the transformative power of art and a heartfelt invitation for everyone to find their true home in nature, thus serving as a conduit of inspiration, harmony, and peace.

Curatorial Statement
Jamilya Hajiyeva Art

Jamilya, a painter dedicated to the exploration and celebration of nature, creates evocative works steeped in classical realism and impressionism, capturing the inherent tranquillity of the rural landscape.


Her canvas extends beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the realm of spiritual connection and inner peace. Her work serves as an invitation to embark on a journey away from the urban clamor, towards the elemental simplicity of what she regards as ‘Home'.

Artist Statement

Cognitive Collaboration

AI+Oil Painting is a project created by the artist Jamilya Hajiyeva, uniting her passion for art with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. The project presents unique oil-painted landscapes brought to life through collaboration with artificial intelligence.

On September 15th at 7:00 PM, the Art Gallery of the Museum Center will host the opening of a solo exhibition by artist Jamila Hajiyeva titled "Septem." 

The exhibition will feature 39 paintings.

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An initiation to everyone to find their true home in the heart of nature

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