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Jamilya Hajiyeva Art About Artist

Rural comfort is something special

​Curatorial Statement Jamilya Hajiyeva Art

The Septem concept is the warmth of the hearth, the smell of fresh pastries and flowering meadows, the rustle of leaves and the singing of birds. I have always felt that it is in the countryside that I find true happiness and peace. This is a place where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the simple beauty of the surrounding nature.

In the modern urban world, we often forget that our life should be in harmony with nature and ourselves. We live in constant bustle and strive for success and material prosperity, forgetting that our life should be in balance. Rural comfort reminds us that the main thing is not success and money, but harmony and balance.


In my paintings, I tried to convey this peaceful and cozy way of life. I depicted village houses decorated with flowers, ancient mills and bridges, picturesque fields and forests. I hope that my works will help you feel the same atmosphere as I did and bring a piece of this 
beautiful rural dream into your life.

I believe that each of us is looking for his own world and his own happiness. And if my paintings help you discover a new world of rural comfort, then I will be very happy.

Curatorial Statement

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

~ Albert Einstein
Jamilya Hajiyeva

Having received her first education in Baku at the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Jamilya initiates her creative journey by becoming an independent listener at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts. Her artistic work is associated with the Impressionist movement, delving into the personal histories of the founders of the directions, in each of which Hajiyeva finds her interpretation. Besides practicing under professional art educators and painting instructors, she undergoes a course in 2022 at the Florentine Academy of Classical Arts, where she studies the fundamental principles of painting.

Having practised composition and drawing for almost 10 years, Jamilya starts experimenting with her art, placing accents on canvases and incorporating the philosophy of her works. This leads to the idea of a series of works titled "Septem," which translates from Latin as "7" - the author's lucky number, or "September."

About Jamilya

Cognitive Collaboration

How Artificial Intelligence and My Love for Painting Came Together in the AI+Oil Painting Project

The fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence has given birth to a groundbreaking project that merges my passion for art and painting with cutting-edge technology. The AI+Oil Painting project represents a unique collaboration, bringing canvases to life, exploring rural aesthetics, and revealing breathtaking worlds on the canvas.

Art has always been one of my greatest passions. I have delved into various styles and techniques, but I have always been intrigued by the possibilities of applying modern technologies to elevate the art to new heights.

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The primary aim of the project was to blend the distinct moments of rural aesthetics with the ingenuity of artificial intelligence. Collaborating with AI became a novel way for me to express my ideas and present viewers with one-of-a-kind landscapes that would otherwise remain beyond the reach of ordinary human expression.

Each painting brought to life through this project represents a unique symbiosis of human emotion and the precision of artificial intelligence.

It is essential, however, to recognize that artificial intelligence can never replace the creativity and uniqueness of human inspiration. Instead, this collaboration extends the boundaries of my artistic potential, enabling me to materialize ideas and manifest dreams on the canvas.

​Artist Statement, Jamilya Hajiyeva Art

In her commitment to preserving the sanctity of nature in its purest form, Jamilya’s paintings are poignant renditions of Elysiumconcepts, her conceptualized heaven on earth. This artist’s rendition of Elysium is a place where nature sings, untamed and untainted, and the serenity of golden grass swaying in the wind 
echoes the boundless fields of wheat from her own experiences.

Her paintings speak to an experience that is not tied down by the constraints of urban life. There are no fences, no roads; just an expanse of land untouched by human intervention, reaching out towards the far horizon, colored in every imaginable hue. This 
vision of Elysium is a testament to her belief in the harmony, purity, and originality of nature.

Jamilya seeks to transport her audience to a corner of paradise on earth, her paintings serving as a conduit of inspiration, harmony, and peace. Each stroke of her brush is a call to the viewer to connect with their inner self, to be moved by the energy radiated from her art, and to find their own place of peace in her evocative 

A fervent believer in the transformative power of art, Jamilya is not just painting scenes; she is crafting experiences, evoking feelings, and sharing a piece of her soul. Her paintings are more than just visual representations; they are a love letter to the natural world, an expression of her life philosophy, and an invitation to everyone to find their true home in the heart of nature.

Artist Statement
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